Monday, December 7, 2009

EDRG 3321 M&W

Today's presentation was good, except ours we would have love to show our movie but sadly the projector didn't want to take it. But I like how the group about the poinsettia they did the activity in how to make a poinsettia yourself either in construction paper or cloth. They also passed out worksheets that you can also make for your own students, it was interesting.

3321-M&W Stiletto Stoners

We watched a video about how women smoke a lot of pot without even caring if they get caught. I disagree the fact that they you can use it personally and not like prescription given by your doctor. The question is why smoke marijuana or even smoke. We don't want our kids to see this kind of things and instead they do it in front of them and they may want to try it too. This video was pretty crazy.

EDRG 3321 M&W

These are some examples of amelia's notebook:

EDRG 3321 M&W

Amazing World of Spiders
Written by Janet Craig

This book seems interesting because it talks about the different types of spiders. This book is pretty similar to the presentation the third day group presented. Its interesting how theres many different sizes, types, and colors. It shows some that are good and some that are bad. But most spiders are very valuable to us. They can be interesting to watch, too. Spiders are a special part of the world of nature.

EDRG 3321 M&W

Marilic and I, went to a children read aloud at a private school. They were reading THE BOY WHO WAS FOLLOWED HOME by Margaret Mahy and it was just an interesting book. You can see how the children were so excited and they were paying very close attention. Its about a boy named Robert who was coming home from school and he looked over his shoulder and there was a hippopotamus following him. The boy was suprised because nothing that excited has ever happened to him before. He decided to take the hippo with him to his house were he stayed in the pool. The next thing the same thing happen so now he had two hippos living with him, and it kept on going. So that made his parents really fustrated and so they called a witch to get him rid of the attraction of hippos. But once that happen guess what? The next day he was followed by girrafes......Robert was very pleased.

Author Profile EDRG 3321

Our presentation is about Amelia's notebook about MARISSA MOSS:

She has written and publish several books as a continuation from Amelia's notebook. The books were very interesting and funny, any children and adults like us enjoy reading books like this. As a group we decided to create a move clip over the book and with our own voice too.

She has published over 40 books, it took her alot of hardwork to publish a book and revising at the same time. Our book that we are presenting is a 3rd grade level.

This is an interesting website about Marissa Moss and her books:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Genre presentations: 3321 m&w

The first presentation was really interesting and really cute. I like how they did and use a play to show the story of the book, and I also like how they created the outfits and the background, it was very interesting.

The second group also did a really good job about the recycling activity and how they created the poster and showed us what is to recycle and what is not. The movie clip was pretty cool too.